ELBI realizes your castings or compression , transfer and injection or by silicone casting. Maximum control of Adherization techniques on metal supports in small and medium series and with all types of elastomers.


ELBI has developed over the years experience in cutting the most varied materials.
From a single piece to large series from your plans, documents or computer files, we cut the simplest to the most complex.

Plastic injection

ELBI makes your technical parts Plastic and thermoplastic injection.


ELBI is specialized in multi-material molding pieces of metal through technical rubber Adherization.
Rubber bi-material moldings are also achievable for.
All surface treatments required for Adherization inserts are made in our workshops.


The treatment of the parts is optimized cryogenically (nitrogen) , by spraying particles or by rotation.
Depending series, the parts can be controlled by bleeding or 100%.

Military equipment

Since 2007 ELBI is a partner of the French army in the Military equipment sécrurisé in mined areas as well as in medical equipment.

  • MEDEVAC Stretcher

About us

With over 30 years of experience in making products up to customer's entire satisfaction, our company knows how to cater to your specific requirements either single parts or full production batches.


MEET THE CUSTOMER , SECURING OUR FUTURE CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT. Certified ISO 9001 for the last 15 years ELBI is proud to claim an unblemished record of constantly updated quality control of its manufacturing process from mould to the finished product.

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